I’m Robert, a 20-something D.C. resident, fresh on the cooking scene. I took up home cooking after college when I first moved to DC and live by the philosophy that cooking should be fun and accessible for everyone. I used to think everything I churned out of the kitchen needed to be restaurant-worthy, but I’ve found it’s far more important to tap into my own creativity, making up combinations as I go along and bringing back some excitement to the kitchen.


When I post recipes here, they tend to be malleable, and that’s on purpose. I encourage you to deviate from the way I made it! I hardly ever cook a recipe the same way twice, and instead I try to improvise with ingredients I have on hand. It helps that I love to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients that lend a lot of flavor to recipes. Farmers markets, roadside farm stands, anywhere I can get fresh seafood and Trader Joe’s are my happy places.

Use the comments section as a sounding board when you try something or have a question or suggestion. And if you happen to be a seasoned foodie and have some wisdom to share, it would be much appreciated!