2 Basic Types of Panini Presses

A Panini press is the best way to make grilled sandwiches and press sandwiches for yourself but it is not about just making sandwiches. With the help of your Panini press, you can make a lot of different items. The basic job of a Panini press is to press food items but it does this in different ways which mean that there are different types of Panini presses.

Panini Presses

Wondering about the different types of Panini Presses?

Well, with this help of this article you will learn all about the different types of Panini presses and their functions. There are mainly three types of Panini presses:

1. Basic Panini Press

As the name suggests, this is the standard version of Panini press where all you have to do is keep your food in the Panini press and press the lid down and your food is cooked and ready to serve. A Basic Panini Press has a non-removable ridged plate which comes in contact with your food when the upper lid is pressed down on your food item and helps in cooking your food.

You know your food is cooked properly when you notice the press marks on your food items. This type of Panini Presses includes both an upper and a lower heated plate which is why this tool is so effective in making deliciously cooked sandwiches. In case you’re looking for one, Homeguyd.com has a comprehensive list of the top panini presses for 2017.

2. Removable plates Panini press

The advanced version of the Basic Panini Press is the Panini Press which comes with removable plates. As is obvious with its name, you can remove the heating plates from this Panini press and turn it into a grill to grill meat and vegetables. How do you do that?

It’s simple, this Panini Press comes with a heating plate which is smooth from one side and has ridges on the other side. This allows the users to do various cooking tasks with ease. So, you can grill, cook, press, etc. with the help of this kitchen equipment.

Another great thing about this Panini Press is that it is really easy to clean since the plates can be removed. So, you can clean the heating plate in the dishwasher and wipe down the rest of the Panini Press and once all the parts are dried, you can reassemble the machine.

3. Hinged Counter Grill Panini Press

Another hi-tech version of Panini Press is the Hinged Counter Grill Panini Press which comes in two versions: non-removable plates and reversible removable grill plates. A Counter Grill Panini Press can perform more cooking tasks than the other two Panini presses and allows you to double your cooking space by just opening the Press. So, you can grill your food item on this Panini press and have more than enough space to grill more than 1 food item at a time.

This type of Panini press also comes with a drip plate which makes the whole cleaning process easier as all the fat grease gets collected in this tray and the different heat settings make this Panini Press easy and convenient to use. If you want to know more about the panini press feel free to contact us.

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